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Vancouver, BC


Wall on the Fly Communications works with clients to develop comprehensive and consistent brand assets from positioning statement and logo through to website and narrative content. 

Let us help you tell a better story. 

9 Logos. 9 Stories

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9 Logos. 9 Stories.

While you should never confuse your logo for your brand, it definitely inherits a fair chunk of the work. Here are 9 examples of  logos we designed that were up for the task.

Condemned Skatepark
(with Change Advertising)

This project came about as a result of the Vancouver City Council’s proposal to shut down China Creek, one of North America’s oldest skateparks. The design was influenced by graphic novels, in particular DMZ by Brian Wood.

There is an underlying political statement about the present state of the world to be unearthed, but what the design ultimately came to represent was the classic David and Goliath story — of the little guy fighting against the system — a universal allegory that anyone can get behind.

Cracked Pot Gardening BLog

A friend of ours was starting a gardening blog. But not just any gardening blog: it was going to be a punk rock gardening blog. So she needed a punk rock logo to go with it. This logo was a favourite to create because it was actually designed using letraset letters and then scanned and vectorized. Which is, you must admit, pretty punk rock!


Seven Wonders' Sara Bearchell designs this mad eclectic style of jewelry smelted from lost treasures and reclaimed gems. She came to us with the name, Seven Wonders, and a mood board that played off of passport stamps and vintage travel. We took this even further back, to a time when sea monsters still lurked at the end of the world and tales of creatures with magical names like 'the seahorse' could be spun to stretch far beyond the edges of the imagination. 

Unplugged: Small Appliance Recycling Program
(While at Edelman)

CESA (Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association) approached Edelman looking for a fully-integrated consumer launch plan that would help drive public participation and awareness for a new province-wide small appliance recycling program. As part of this package, I created the Unplugged logo which gave the program a friendly, approachable look and feel which was then applied throughout the collateral, on-site signage and the website. 

(for croma design)

This logo or, more accurately, monogram was designed for Croma Design in Toronto for the Interior Design Show. The theme of their exhibit was Little Red Riding Hood revisited; only in the new scenario, Red is all grown up, and has transformed her grandma’s little cabin in the woods into something chic and elegant and worthy of a woman who tends to have a weakness for wolves.


Emotive: The Electric Vehicle Experience
(while at Edelman)

This effort was led by Plug in BC, an initiative co-chaired by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines and BC Hydro to lay the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles and related electric charging infrastructure in British Columbia. Edelman's insight that drove this campaign was that above all else, when asked what they loved most about their electric vehicles, owners replied that they were fun to drive. I created a logo that captured that sentiment.


Stratosphere International

Stratosphere provides unique community development volunteer opportunities for school groups, university and young adult interns, families, and adults. Wall on the Fly was involved in both the naming and the branding of the company. The logo was inspired by vintage travel graphics, thus embedding a spirit of adventure into the brand and a sense of anticipation into the hearts of the volunteers.

Rakai Resources

Rakai Resources is a gold exploration company that believes that social investment and the goal of securing a social license to operate must be a priority for the successful development of modern, large scale exploration programmes. The company needed a logo that reflected their progressive and unorthodox thinking within their industry. The result was a mark that is fresh and forward thinking while still maintaining a friendly, community based feel with the notion that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

54 Hundy

A couple of friends of ours asked us to design a logo for them prior to setting out for a 3 month trek through South East Asia. Their goal was to seek out fun wherever they went and dedicate 5400 seconds (or 90 minutes) to experiencing each activity that they encountered. T-shirts were made, a website was built and while we are fairly certain that the brand and mission were forgotten about a minute after they landed in Bangkok, we liked how the logo turned out almost as much as they did.