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(picnic, lightning): The 5 Best Punctuation Marks in Literature & Editing as Punctuation in Film

Kevin Broome

In January 2014 Kathryn Schulz published an article in Vulture called "The Five Best Punctuation Marks in Literature." It is a great piece, worthy of you the reader abandoning all that is to come in this post, clicking through, digesting every detail of its brilliance and then calling it a night. 

But if you didn't do that, if you are still here, then I invite you to also check out Max Tohline's cinematic response to Schulz's post. He states that:

I wanted to assemble a video essay with a rapidfire list of nominees of great moments of editing-as-punctuation in film. But as I started putting it together, the project grew into a twofold piece: an analysis of and response to Schulz's article as well as an attempt to spur new insights about editing by examining it through the metaphor of punctuation.

Tohline's video is 20 minutes, which is epic by internet standards, but it is worth sticking through it. While not always completely successful in its attempts to equate film technique with literary structure, the ideas stay with you and may even inform your next Netflix viewing.